Jack Skellington Wreath

During a Wool Haven crochet class one of the ladies taking part showed me a pattern she was hoping to do in time for Halloween:

Jack Skellington Wreath

I have 3 friends I thought would like one plus wanting one for myself, so the race was on to complete before the next Monday.

I got the pattern on the Wednesday, made the skulls on the Thursday and then started on the wreathes themselves on Friday after the polystyrene rings arrived off Ebay. It was an emergency, I would normally go to Remnant Kings in Glasgow.

The only difference I made to the pattern is I started and finished with 1 row of white rather than start with 2 rows of white and finish with 2 rows of black. To me it made the join less visible.

I used 25cm diameter rings and required 80 rows of 21 stitches to cover each one (20 black stripes)

Each wreath took about 2 hours to make.

I decorated each one with a selection of different width ribbons, and thanks to a last-minute trip to town was able to pick up some black silk roses. These I stripped off their wires and glued into small holes I had made in the polystyrene.


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