Swirl heart

swirl heart.jpgThis comes from a photocopied pattern I was asked to decipher by a Wool Haven class member.

It is not a pattern I would normally give to beginners although it does make you very aware of the different stitches available.

The original pattern was set up to be felted – something I haven’t done with mine yet (mainly because it took so long to work out I didn’t want to risk ruining it)


5mm hook – need to crochet loosely if you want to felt

Wool yarn suitable to felt


  • sl st – Slip Stitch
  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • htc – half treble crochet
  • tc – treble crochet
  • dtc – double treble crochet
  • fp – front post

1. 2 ch, into 1st ch: dc, 2 htc, 5 dc (8 posts)

2. 2 fp tc around each post (16 tc)


Continue working round circle without turning (so that image 2 side can be seen)

3. around next 16 posts work as follows (all front post stitches):heart 4.jpg

  1. tc, dtc
  2. 2 dtc
  3. 2 dtc
  4. dtc, tc
  5. 2 tc
  6. 2 htc
  7. 2 dc
  8. 2 htc, tc (pointy tip)
  9. 2 htc
  10. 2 dc
  11. 2 htc
  12. 2 tc
  13. tc, dtc
  14. 2 dtc
  15. 2 dtc
  16. dtc, tc, 3 ch then sl st into next stitch, and turn

4. 3 dc into 3 ch space, dc into next sts, sl st into next 7 sts (loosely), 3 dc into next st (pointy tip), sl st into next and fasten off.

Weave starting yarn into back of piece.

5. Re attach yarn to 1st dc in 3 ch space. Then:

  1. ch1, dc into next st, htc in next 18 sts, 3 dc in front loop of next (pointy tip),
  2. htc in next 17 sts (joins sts at top of swirl),
  3. dc in each st following swirl pattern (23 sts).

Fasten off, and weave ends in

Use wet felt method to finish


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