Chainless Starting Treble Crochet

Tamara at the Moogly blog put out a revised version of her chainless starting double crochet (what I would call a treble crochet). I had tried her previous version and just couldn’t get it but the penny dropped with this one straight away.

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Solar System CAL – First attempt

Digital preview of blanket  from Two Hearts Crochet

I’m having to start this again from scratch as after 3 weeks the blanket is 40 inches diameter and the completed blanket should be only 48 inches in total.

However I don’t feel like deleted the recording of about 20 hours work so the first 3 weeks works is combined here and I’ll start again in a fresh post.

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Twiddle muff

tm1Twiddle muffs are some times used to help people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autism or learning difficulties. The textures & embellishments give them something to do with their hands, distracting from picking at their skin or pulling at medical equipment and bandages.

They are constructed as a muff rather than a blanket as they can be slipped onto an arm with less chance of being dropped.

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