bothLast year I contributed to Masato Beanies #Scarfathon. The appeal collected 500 hand-made scarfs for the homeless. The project continues this year and has a new addition #MittenMission.

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International Day of the Midwife


This may seem an unusual day to be blogging about on a craft site, but on 5 May this year they would like knitted, crocheted or crafted midwives.

This has been inspired by @knittedmidwife who can be found here.

I will be taking part in support of the University of West Scotland Midwifery team, and if you are in the southside of Glasgow the Wool Haven is acting as a collection point.

Patterns have been provided by Amy Kember (crocheted) & Kimara McCombs Wise (knitted)

Further details please contact sheona.brown@uws.ac.uk

I’ll update my efforts here 🙂




All the Yarn

All yarn for knitting or crocheting is made from natural or synthetic fibers. Different types have different qualities – some good, some not so good.

These can also be blended by manufacturers to offset an undesirable characteristic – such as itchiness – as much as I love pure wool I can’t wear it.

I’ve tried to put together some of the most common.

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Quick scarf


I’ve never been very good at keeping records of quick projects so I’m hoping that having this blog gets me into the habit.

Last weekend when chatting with some friends I offered to make one a scarf.  I asked him what his favourite colour was and so I had an actual excuse to buy new yarn on my next visit to the Wool Haven – other than “It’s so pretty/fluffy!”

He’d asked for red. I wanted a strong colour but not pillarbox so selected King Cole Super Chunky Twist in Claret Twist. The flecks of other colours gives it a bit more interest without taking away the depth of red. The yarn is 100% acrylic but incredibly soft and really easy to work with.

I used 9 mm needles and worked knit 2, purl 2 over 22 stitches.

Not quite sure exactly how long it took to finish as I worked on it on and off for an evening, I would think around 2 hours.

Using 2 balls resulted in a generous scarf measuring about 18 cm/7 inches wide and 112 cm/44 inches long.





Big damn hero hat

img_20161208_132841793-948161I make these hats for friends, based on a certain scifi program (which was cancelled far too soon.)

There’s a number of different patterns for it online, so in the end I looked at a few and made my own version.

I’ve made these in both  wool (Lopi Lettlopi) and now – after a shrinking incident – acrylic (Deramore’s Studio)

I’ve made it in a couple of sizes:

  • Man’s :  25 inch / 64 cm diameter
  • Woman’s : 21 inch / 52 cm diameter


  • 50 g yellow DK
  • 50 g orange DK
  • 50g red DK
  • 6.5 mm double-pointed needles or circular needle

Working with 2 threads throughout:


Cast on 72 (84) sts in orange yarn, work in round

Rounds 1 – 3: Rib: knit 1, purl 1.

Rounds 4 – 12, knit.

Round 13, Change to yellow, knit

Rounds 14 – 40 (45 for larger size), knit

Final rounds, Knit 2 together continue until only 6 stitches left (takes 3 – 4 rounds)


Working in red (with 2 threads) pick up 14 (16) stitches – I position each earflap 10 stitches each side of cast on join..

Working in stocking stitch, work 10 rows

Row 11 onward: decrease a stitch at each end until down to 1 stitch. Bind off leaving 3 inch length, attach 2 more to complete tassel.


Make tri-colour pompom either with pompom maker or by wrapping yarn around hand. Attach securely to top of hat.